No Free disposable e cigs trials here!

Welcome to Free Disposable E Cigs! When I put together this site, I did it with the intent of telling everyone to beware of all the fake free trial disposable e cigs sites out there.

There are a bunch of scam sites out there that offer free e cigs or free trials offers but in the end none of them are really free.  After the two week free trial period if you don’t cancel they will charge you for the full price of their starter kit and then start to send you monthly cartridges at four times the normal price at other e cig companies.  So don’t fall for the trap and get any free trial offers.

Instead we are going to explain to you how to really get a free disposable e cig with no strings attached.  We are getting that information together and will tell you how to get your own free disposable e cigs in the next few days so keep checking back for more information.  Cheers!